Safire Partners is a retained executive search firm that is hyper-focused on building teams at emerging companies. The companies that depend on Safire are defined as emerging growth, which encompasses established with aggressive investment in new platforms, venture capital, private equity and angel-backed companies.

Todd Gitlin founded Safire Partners in 2006 to realize a vision that relationships are the most important asset to an emerging growth company. Today, Safire Partners has a team of 20, and are working on over 100 executive searches annually.

For every search, Safire Partners conducts a thorough analysis of an industry, and systematically identifies every qualified candidate in the marketplace. This process of sourcing generates a concentrated list of candidates without regard to their interest in a career change. Only through this process will our clients gain momentum with candidates who have never responded to a job advertisement or been found through a personal network. We always source candidates nationally, and have become one the most connected search firms across the entire country.

Safire Partners continually looks for opportunities to invest in their clients, and since 2006 has invested ~$4M by deferring search fees into equity. Since the firm was founded, Safire Partners has recruited approximately 700 executives.